Top 8 Content Ideas for Legal Services

As a legal service, you might find that creating social media content is difficult. It can be challenging if your business doesn’t lend itself well to pretty pictures, quick transition reels or the use of trending audio.

However, this does not mean there aren’t many kinds of content that legal services can create to increase engagement and their overall following.

Below, we’ve come up with our top 7 content ideas for your legal service based on our work in the legal and professional services industry.

One thing you can count on when it comes to the law is that most people don’t know the details. Whether it’s questions about divorce or trying to understand the way last wills work, people always have a dozen questions for solicitors in any area of the law.

So, legal FAQs make for really helpful and valuable content. If you’re new to content creation, one of the pillars of good content is that it has value to the audience. If it has value, they’re more likely to spend time reading and engaging with it, which is always good for you.

Legal FAQs can cover any area of your practice and should be written with the general population in mind. Make them accessible and make sure to reply to any comments you get too.

You could even encourage interaction by asking for your audience’s input into the theme of the FAQs. For example, add a question box to your Instagram story to find out which areas of the law your audience finds the most confusing or if they have any specific questions they want answered.

This not only boosts your engagement and the community feel of your profile, but it also makes your followers feel listened to.

#2 How-To Guides

How-to guides are practical pieces of content that engage your users, offer them support, and can boost your engagement and interaction metrics.  

As with legal service FAQs, you could get ideas from your audience on the subjects they want to see. How-to guides can also extend from your social media onto your website. They can be re-formatted into blog posts and optimised to target specific keywords, helping you to climb search engine rankings.

#3 Updates and News

When there are changes in laws and legislation, you can provide simple language updates on what this means. This is another content idea that can be used across platforms. It lends itself well to the blog format, but would also make a highly shareable LinkedIn post for those in your community.

This kind of content is valuable not just to clients, but to others in your industry space. There may be followers on LinkedIn who work in legal services but in a different practice area or even another jurisdiction, so posting this kind of content can be beneficial to a wide segment of your audience.

#4 Explainers

Along the same theme, explainers for particularly confusing or difficult aspects of the law can also be beneficial on your website and on LinkedIn. And if you’ve got a lot of text posts, remember that you can (and should) reformat to video format.

It’s well-known that the Instagram algorithm much prefers video content, but so too do many other platforms now. Indeed, LinkedIn posts with videos see lots more engagement than those with just imagery or text.

So, if you’ve got the skills and the time, then creating video explainers can have a huge impact on your content engagement rates on LinkedIn.

#5 Infographics

Infographics are very simple and easy to understand. They work well on photograph platforms like Instagram, but can also be added to LinkedIn posts.

Your infographics can be on topics your audience finds difficult to understand, and they could even link to blogs on your website. This helps to boost conversions from your social profiles to your website and will increase your engagement rate on your website too.

#6 Myth Busters

Are there common myths that you hear from clients all the time? Do you want to dispel these myths?

Blogs, LinkedIn posts, listicles, and even videos can be used to create myth-busting content. You can, again, use user-generated answers to create the topics for each one and use your creativity to make them engaging.

You might even consider interactive content for this subject. Quizzes or Q&As on your Instagram stories lend themselves well to myth-busting, and the results from this content could go on to inform further content.

Do lots of people believe the same myth is true? This myth could become the subject of a longer-format blog or video explainer.

#7 Community Work

Do you do pro bono work? Do you work with charities or non-profits?

Advertising the community work you do is a good way to instil yourself in your local area. It shows your followers you actually care about what’s going on around you and highlights your business’s social responsibility.

This is also a good way to generate good PR about your legal service firm. If the news is out there that you’re working with charities and the local community, then people will feel like they can trust you to act in a socially responsible way.

#8 Client Testimonials

Last of all, we highly recommend using client testimonials, feedback, and success stories in your content calendar. It’s just good marketing!

Remember that while engaging your audience and building a community, you’re also trying to build trust so that should they need your services, they pick you first. Client testimonials can give them the faith they need to pick you. They make you look good and they sell your services with very little effort on your part.

Final Thoughts

Creating content for your legal services business can be really easy if you consider how it can be helpful. Valuable content tends to get lots of engagement and as a professional service, information can be crucial to people’s understanding of your industry.

The law, in particular, lends itself to informative content. Use the fact that people might not have an in-depth knowledge of the law to your advantage, and engage with your community to give them the knowledge they want.

If you’re looking for content services to take the work out of your hands, then you’ve come to the right place. Rokir has lots of experience in the professional services sector and we can offer a tailored approach to your content.

Contact us today for more information on how we might help you.

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