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Charities and charitable foundations face unique struggles when it comes to digital and marketing strategies. How do you find a balance between consistent fundraising and building a loyal follower base? Where do you draw the line between asking for donations and providing valuable content?

Rokir is a digital agency offering a wide range of digital solutions that can help charities and foundations enhance their online presence, boost their social media marketing efforts, and ensure they toe the line between effective engagement and fundraising.

Below, we’ve looked at some of the most common obstacles we have seen when charities look to boost their online presence and develop their marketing plan. We’ve included some of the ways that working with Rokir could help you to overcome these obstacles.

Digital Limitations for Charities and Foundations

As a charity or foundation, you’ve probably heard people bleating on about how a digital presence is everything, and as annoying as this is, having a digital presence is now one of the easiest ways to engage people with your cause and boost your fundraising abilities.

But charities, like other industries, face obstacles that are completely unique to the work they do. Obstacles they face include those listed below.

#1 Targeting Too Broad an Audience

As a charity or foundation, you may not have a so-called target market. As you’re not a business trying to sell products to a specific market segment, you are less likely to have cultivated a target audience or list of consumer personas.

This can cause a bit of an obstacle when it comes to your social media marketing strategy, the content you create, and even how you build your brand.

Charities are often looking to fundraise in any way that they can, but in the online world, marketing to everyone can lead to weak marketing strategies and a campaign that’s a bit all over the place.

In our experience of digital marketing for charities, we’ve found that many of our clients are marketing to too broad of an audience. Our approach to digital solutions and marketing for nonprofits includes taking a close look at who it is you’re approaching with your online strategy and catering your output to these people.

It might seem counterintuitive to limit the type of people you ask for donations, but building a targeted strategy can actually enhance loyalty, long-term donors, and interest in your cause.

#2 Finding a Balance Between Fundraising Efforts and Connecting With the Audience

Another aspect of digital marketing for nonprofits that often causes problems with an online strategy is finding that balance between fundraising and connecting with an audience. You need to find ways to promote a nonprofit organisation that doesn’t just focus on asking for money.

Rokir provides top-notch content creation services that can do just this. Want educational content to reduce the stigma associated with your cause? We can do that. Looking for organic videos and photographs that show off the impact of the donations you receive? We have the expertise!

#3 Sensitivity of Issues

Charities often fundraise for causes that are highly sensitive or less-than-glamorous. Rather than being able to create glossy product pictures and funny user-generated content, most charities and foundations need to find a balance between engagement and showing respect for their cause.

At Rokir, we approach all of our digital services with a hands-on approach. We want to know your brand inside and out before we begin implementing our online strategies. This means we are going to take the time to get to know your cause, learn the right way to discuss things and ensure that everything from the website we build to the content we create is sensitive and created with respect.

We know that social media marketing can often be tongue-in-cheek, but this approach might not work for your cause, and we know it.

And the proof?

A snapshot of our clients and previous work.

Website Development | Social Media Strategy

Mason's Journey

Website Development 

The Beating Baker

Website Development

Tipp Search and Rescue

I am honoured to share my heartfelt testimony about the exceptional support provided by Rokir during Mason’s Journey’s endeavour to amplify our fundraising efforts through an innovative digital resource. Our team at Mason’s Journey was overwhelmed by the unwavering dedication of Jade and James from Rokir, who not only met but exceeded all expectations throughout this project.

From day one, Jade and James demonstrated a deep understanding of our mission and vision, ensuring that every aspect of our new online platform aligned seamlessly with our goals. Their expertise in web development, user experience design, and marketing proved indispensable as we aimed to create a captivating and intuitive space where donors could easily engage with our cause.

Jade & James

Jade and James consistently went above and beyond, offering valuable insights, creative solutions, and timely guidance whenever needed. They worked tirelessly to ensure that our website would be both visually stunning and highly functional, while also optimising our social media platforms. The result? A HUGE increase in digital presence that has attracted many visitors and sponsors, and in doing so, led us to our goals. Working with Rokir has been nothing short of transformational for Mason’s Journey. Not only have they delivered a top-notch website, but they have also instilled confidence and enthusiasm within our team, empowering us to reach new heights for our charity. We are grateful for their professionalism, creativity, and compassion, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.

– Colette, Chairperson
Mason’s Journey

Work with ROKIR

Rokir is a committed digital agency with a variety of online solutions that can help you boost fundraising efforts and build a list of long-term donors for your charity or foundation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our digital solutions can help you, contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I market my charity?

Social media is one of the best solutions for charity marketing. Creating a social media strategy that aligns with your charity’s values and creating engaging content can help you build your list of donors and boost your audience.

Employing SEO on your charity’s website can bring people to your site from Google search results, helping you move up through the Google search rankings and improve your website traffic. Having your website higher on the Google search rankings means that more people see it, and more people will be exposed to your cause.

Nonprofit organisations often use marketing to enhance their fundraising efforts, boost their reach, and increase their donor base. Marketing is an effective way of getting the importance of the cause out there, too, and it can build overall awareness for a non-profit.

Having a website is the only form of 24-hour marketing. It is always online and always available to your donors. Working with Rokir to develop a website that explores your cause, helps donors understand where their donations go, and entices new donors is a fantastic opportunity for you to grow your donor list.

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