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For corporate and legal firms, digital strategies can improve conversion rates, boost service uptake, and give you the competitive advantage you need to stand out in a heavily saturated market.

At Rokir, we offer a wide variety of digital services, including content services, SEO, web development, hosting and maintenance, and blogging and PR services that can ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Digital Limitations Affecting Legal and Corporate Firms

A digital strategy for professional services can give you a competitive edge, make sure that your brand name is out there, and ensure that clients make you their first choice. But as with any industry, there are limitations that need to be overcome when it comes to digital strategies.

Rokir is proud to work with a number of clients from a range of industries, so we’ve spent a long time building our knowledge of each market sector. This means we’re in a great position to help you overcome industry-specific hurdles in your digital strategy.

Below, we’ve explored some of the common challenges faced by professional services when creating a digital strategy and how we can help you overcome them.

#1 Regulatory Compliance

When it comes to digital marketing for law firms and other businesses in the legal industry, there are some regulations that restrict the ways in which these companies market themselves. This can include specific phrases and wording and how they deal with testimonials.

These restrictions may impact our content and social media services, but it does not mean these services cannot be used. The key to being compliant is understanding the regulations of the industry. At Rokir, we strive to know our clients inside and out so we can direct your social media and content marketing in a way that ensures it is compliant but still engaging.

#2 Trust and Credibility

For law firms and corporate businesses, trust and credibility are paramount to services. You need your clients and potential clients to trust you to ensure they keep paying for your services.

Rokir offers a number of services that can boost your credibility. First and foremost, a website is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a credible brand and with our web development services, we can build you a professional and cleverly designed website that gives potential clients all the information they need to know about your business.

In addition, we can implement SEO on your website and throughout other communications to improve your Google search rank and firmly place your brand as an authority not just on the search engines but also on the market.

#3 Complex Services

Corporate and legal firms usually offer a range of complex services. Often, your clients and potential clients are not well-versed in what the services entail or why they would need them in the first place.

Rokir’s approach to marketing complex services is to strike a balance between providing the client with the information they need to engage with the services and not offering an overwhelming amount of information.

With our blogging and PR services, we can help you explore more complex issues in a straightforward way that helps clients get to know your services while not confusing them in the process.

#4 Specificity of Target Audience

The audience for highly specific legal and corporate services needs also to be highly specific. This means that you tend to be communicating with a very niche audience through your digital strategy as a legal or corporate firm.

Audience specificity isn’t something we’re afraid of at Rokir. In fact, by implementing audience segmentation, careful customisation, and dynamic communication, we find that specific audiences are a challenge we love to face.

And the proof?

A snapshot of our clients and previous work.

Website Development | Hosting

Seaspray Private


Seaspray Financial Services

Website development | Copywriting

Goshencom Healthcare Services

Website development | Branding

Grosvenor Services

” Over the past number of years, we have had the pleasure to work in collaboration with Rokir to develop our website which we are all immensely proud of.

As marketing and operations manager within Seaspray Private I have had the pleasure of working closely with the team at Rokir on a regular basis and I am always thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, expertise and dedication demonstrated throughout our collaboration. Rokir has consistently delivered a top- notch website service that have exceeded my expectations. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, every step of the process has been seamless and efficient.

One of the aspects I appreciate most about working with Rokir is the level of creativity and innovation they bring to the table. Thanks again to you and all the team at Rokir for your outstanding service and support. “

– Mark O’Leary, Marketing and Operation Manager
Seaspray Private

Working with ROKIR

Rokir has experience with a range of clients, including those offering professional services. We understand the uniqueness of each industry and will strive to create a digital strategy that meets all of your requirements.

Get in contact with the team today, and let’s chat about how we can support your professional services business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which digital strategies best suit a law firm looking to stand out in a competitive industry?

For a law firm looking to enhance its competitive edge, SEO is one of the best digital strategies to implement. By using SEO, you can ensure that your website ranks well on Google, bringing in more organic traffic. It can also ensure Google ranks you as an authority and boosts your credibility in the industry. Other beneficial services include content, blogging, and PR services, along with web development to ensure your site is optimised across devices.

Any professional service business needs to have a fully functioning, user-friendly website to establish a professional online presence. As a form of 24-hour marketing, your website serves as a hub for all the information a potential client could ever need about your services.

Digital services, like social media marketing and web development, ensure that your brand is in constant communication with clients and potential clients. A digital strategy that is brand-consistent and utilises social media platforms as well as other tools, like email marketing and your website, will ensure that your name is out there and that clients can find the information they need about your services.

There are specific regulations about the promotion of legal services that vary across jurisdictions. These regulations may refer to word choices and how you use client testimonials in your marketing. It is crucial to look up the regulations in your specific location to ensure you are compliant with all digital communications.

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Laying the foundations and celebrating successful and industry-leading business.


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