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For commercial animal businesses, like petting farms, zoos, aquariums, scuba diving centres, wildlife sanctuaries, and stables, a digital strategy can often be difficult to pin down. Where do you begin? What is the right kind of content for your consumer? And how do you ensure that your business stands out?

At Rokir, we have the experience to answer all of these questions and more regarding your animal business. We offer a variety of digital services as an agency, including web development, web hosting and maintenance, content creation, social media services, and SEO. 

With the right combination of our full suite of digital services, your animal business will see a boost in conversion rates, web traffic, and customers. Find out more about how Rokir can help your commercial animal business below.

Digital Limitations Affecting Commercial Animal Businesses

Rokir has experience across industries, including in the animal sector, and with this experience, we have learned a lot about the common pitfalls of other businesses like yours. What this means for you is that we have already seen what can go wrong with a digital strategy, and we know how to avoid it.

Below are the common limitations that animal businesses run into when starting their digital strategy along with the ways we could help you to overcome them. Check it out now.

#1 Limited Target Audience

Since commercial animal businesses, like zoos or farms, have smaller audiences, we think it’s best to get to know them as thoroughly as possible. Owning a petting zoo or stables might only attract young families, local schools or kids groups, or true animal lovers to your business, but this doesn’t have to limit your profits.

One of the first things we would always suggest for businesses with a limited audience is to enhance their local SEO using our expert SEO services. Enhancing local SEO means that whenever anyone searches for animal businesses in your local area, like a petting zoo for a local school trip, they’re going to see your business right at the top of those listings.

On top of this, we would develop an optimised website that shows your business at its best and works across devices, meaning that whether your audience is looking for you on a phone or a desktop computer, the experience is going to be great.

#2 Visual Nature of Work

Unfortunately, digital content generally covers two senses at most; your sense of sight and sound. This means that while you can show off your cute animals or the success of your horses on your social media, you can’t give your audience the full sensory experience.

To combat this, we’d create a robust social media content strategy for you. Our social media services can harness the power of user-generated content, customer testimonials, and more to help your potential clients really get a feel for what your petting zoo or stables are actually like.

#3 Limited Repeat Business

While you might be attracting lots of new customers, for animal businesses like zoos or farms, repeat business may be more difficult to come by. At Rokir, we know there are many ways that you can utilise your digital marketing efforts to make customers want to return over and over.

To begin with, we would help you to incentivise it. This could include a membership program or returns incentives to ensure people have a reason to return. We would also create content, using our content services, that makes your customers want to come back and harness the power of email marketing to keep customers up to date with what’s going on at your business.

In addition, we’d ensure that the social media strategy we create for you keeps you engaged with your customers, so they feel part of your community and are more willing to return. We would establish a consistent brand across all platforms so that users would recognise your company instantly, and even work with you on contests and giveaways that ensure repeat customers.

#4 Dependence of Local Tourism

As a smaller business, you will be aware of how changeable the local tourism landscape can be. With everything from bad weather to travel restrictions to economic downturn impacting your customer rates, the dependence on local tourism can often be a huge hurdle for small animal businesses to overcome.

Our solution is to enhance your local SEO on your website and across your social platforms. This means ensuring you rank well in your local area and using highly specific keywords to target local audiences.

On top of this, our PR and blogging services can help to get your name out there and into local newspapers and magazines, so that when people are looking for the kind of services you offer, your business will come highly recommended to them.

#5 Competitive Landscape and Free Content

Unfortunately, the advent of social media means that anyone with a camera can now post cute animal pictures online and gain a massive following. So, how does your animal business compete with repost accounts and pet pics?

One of the most successful solutions we have found to this limitation is to create a story within your brand. Telling the story of the brand, individual staff, or your animals can have a huge impact on your engagement. People who are interested in watching new animals settle into your zoo and grow comfortable in the space are more likely to engage with your content and even visit which is why telling a story is so important.

Other solutions we would use would be to implement more educational content on your site and social media and even create interactive content, so users can be involved in your business even from afar.

And the proof?

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Working with Rokir

Rokir has been working in the digital space for many years, which means that our approach to digital strategies is not only informed by our experience but also by new learning and ideas. Our experience in the animal industries is varied, so you can put your trust in us too.

At Rokir, we’re all about working with the client, rather than for them. This means we’ll always work collaboratively with you and ensure that all of the services you engage with are tailored to your unique needs.

If you’ve got questions or want to learn more about how we could help your commercial animal business, then give us a call today and let’s chat about what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would a professionally developed website help my petting zoo, farm or wildlife sanctuary?

A professional, responsive, and intuitively designed website is crucial for any business in the digital age. For your animal business, a website will help you build credibility and authority in your industry and will ensure that anyone searching for services like yours will be able to find your business through organic search results.

Of course! Educational content is a great way to build engagement on your social profiles, so we can help you build more educational material into your strategy. Our content services can include photography and videography as well as graphics and other educational imagery.

Yes. Rokir’s web development services will not only ensure that you have a stunning and responsive website but that it works no matter the device your audience is viewing it on. Many users now view websites on their mobile phones or tablets, so your website must work on this kind of device to reduce the risk of users logging straight off a glitchy and clunky website.

To get started with Rokir, all you need to do is get in contact with us using the contact form. We’re always happy to hear from new customers and animal businesses are one of our favourite clients to work with! Get in touch today and let’s get started on your digital strategy.

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