Clothing Businesses: How to Keep Up With Visual Content Demands

For clothing businesses, visual content is absolutely essential. You wouldn’t log onto a clothing store’s website and buy a dress based solely on a description, which means that as a clothing business, you need to show your audience your clothing as well as tell them about it.

However, with the advent of social media, the visual content demands for clothing businesses have skyrocketed. Not only do you need visual content on your website, but you also need it for your socials too.

So, how do you keep up with these content demands alongside all of the other marketing, admin, and logistics that come with running a clothing business? Below, we’ve reviewed a few of our top tips based on our experience in the apparel industry.

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What are the Visual Content Demands for a Clothing Business?

Clothing businesses need a wide range of visual content to effectively market their products. Visual content you will need as a clothing business includes the following.

  • Product photography
  • Lifestyle imagery to show your products in a real-life setting
  • Social media content
  • Video content
  • Website imagery
  • Email marketing visuals
  • User-generated content

This list is by no means extensive which is why the visual content demands for clothing businesses can sometimes feel overwhelming. At its most basic though, the content you need needs to show your products to your audience in a way that makes them want to buy them.

For clothing businesses nowadays, this usually means showing the clothes worn on a range of body types and shapes and on models of all races. Being inclusive can have a profound effect on your bottom line, so don’t neglect it!

Why Visual Content Matters for Clothing Businesses

You’re likely wondering why it’s necessary for a clothing business to have so much visual content, but there are many benefits. These include:

  • Showcasing your products
  • Establishing and maintaining a brand identity
  • Engaging your audience
  • Driving traffic to your social media profiles and your website
  • Enhancing the user experience and ensuring that the shopping process is as positive as possible
  • Meeting the trend demands of the sector
  • Building proof, through user-generated content, of your brand’s credibility

Strategies to Streamline Your Visual Content Creation

If you’ve landed on this blog article because you’re feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of content you need to create as a clothing brand–we’ve got you covered. Below are our top tips for streamlining content creation and ensuring your brand has all the visuals it needs while still having time to actually run your businesses.

  • Create a content calendar: A content calendar is the easiest way to not only plan your content but to stay on top of it. If you’ve got a plan for each month, you can ensure each post is created ahead of time so it can go out on its designated day.
  • Batch production: A content calendar is also great if you’re looking to batch-produce content. And we absolutely recommend doing this. Set aside a morning or afternoon to create all the content you need for the month ahead. By doing this, you avoid scrambling to create content each day.
  • Using templates and presets: Social media is made for marketing, which means there are plenty of templates and presets you can use already. But for the sake of brand identity, creating your own is always a good idea. Once you’ve created templates for graphics that include brand colours, fonts, and more, you simply need to replace imagery and wording. We also recommend using presets when applying filters. Apps like Adobe Lightroom allow you to save presets so all your imagery has the same hues, ensuring cohesion across your socials and website.
  • Investing in the right equipment: Low-quality photography is often a huge turn-off for many customers, no matter the industry, so investing in good equipment is in your best interests. In addition, equipment that works and doesn’t break down regularly is going to streamline those batch production days.
  • Repurposing content: We love repurposed content at Rokir because it saves you time and means you’re consistent in your visuals. Repurposing might mean turning your website photography into attractive visuals for your email marketing and socials or turning development imagery into ‘behind-the-scenes posts for your socials.
  • Outsourcing when its necessary: Lastly, if you realise that you simply don’t have the time or motivation to do visual content for yourself, there are plenty of experts out there you can outsource the work to!

If you’ve gotten to the bottom of our tips and decided that hiring an expert is the best solution to your problems, you’re in the right place. Rokir has been working with clothing brands and other retail businesses for a long time. We offer tailored content creation and social media services to our clients, so you can pick and choose the way we work for you.

User-Generated Content: Is it the Solution to Your Visual Content Needs?

User-generated content (UGC) has plenty of benefits for your clothing brand, including:

  • Establishing authenticity
  • Allowing customers to see your products in the wild
  • Adding variety to your content strategy
  • Boosting efficiency for you when it comes to content creation
  • Improving engagement on your socials
  • Establishing social proof, i.e., proof that your clothes really do look good in person and are of high quality

While UGC is a necessary part of your content output, we would always recommend mixing things up. You need to also have professional photography, video content, and graphics made by you (or your social media manager). 

This is because while UGC has benefits, you might dilute your brand if your entire social feed is content from others. Customers taking videos and photographs of themselves in your content can’t be expected to use your branding, presets, and more, so ensure that you have UGC interwoven with your own content.

A Note On Quality Versus Quantity

Remember that when creating content it can be tempting to just keep churning it out every day, but this could be detrimental to your brand. Content is all about quality. Make sure that you’re only putting out quality content that truly shows your products off in a good light so you’re not putting customers off with poor-quality imagery or videos.

Measuring Success

As usual, we’re here to remind you that no content strategy is complete without some form of analytical measuring. This might be monthly reports on engagement or more in-depth analytical measurements of your content.

However deep you go, there’s no point in putting out content without having a method of measuring so that you can establish what is working and what isn’t. Thankfully, you don’t need to download lots of fancy software! Most social media platforms offer free analytics on business accounts which you can use to keep track of campaigns to establish your best performing content, and then make more of it.

Final Thoughts

Visual content is in high demand as a clothing brand, and keeping on top of it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Our top tips for meeting the demands include an organised calendar of content, batch production, and repurposing where you can.

If you’re a clothing brand looking for content creation support, then Rokir can help. We have experience across a range of industries, including the retail sector. We can support your business’s digital needs and offer a tailored service. You can mix and match our services to suit your business’s needs!

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