How Does A Good Brand Help My Business?

Brand identity is key to your business’s marketing strategy. It makes you recognisable, builds trust, and inspires customer loyalty.

Creating a strong brand identity should be one of the first things you consider upon starting your business. It will ensure the positive perception it stands for becomes associated with your company. Good branding can aid your business in a number of ways, including informing your marketing strategy and the way you present yourself on social media.

What Does Branding Mean?

Branding design, at its core, is about the identity of your company. It is composed of everything from your brand logo design and colour theme, to the stationary you use to the tone of voice your customer service emails have. It shows the world who you are as a brand, what you’re values are, and how you want to be seen.

A strong brand identity feeds into a good marketing strategy which helps to increase revenue and your customer base. Having a recognisable and memorable brand is a great way to ensure customers come to you when they’re in need of your services, recommend you to others, and remain loyal to your company.

While branding itself is a one-off project, it should continuously reflect your values. You will have noticed that when companies run into trouble or their reputation is harmed, they will often go through a rebrand. The idea is that people will associate the new branding with their newly stated values and see it as a fresh start for the company. This in itself showed the true power of good branding.

How Does A Good Brand Strategy Help My Business?

A good branding strategy helps your business in a few ways. These include:

  • Recognition and memorability
    When you think of your favourite brands, it is probably specific logos, colourways, and font styles you think of. These companies have created memorable branding which sticks in your mind. This kind of branding, whether at the bottom of an email or sewn into a dress, helps consumers and clients to remember your brand. Being remembered is a privilege in this day and age, which is why branding is key to business success.
  • Loyalty
    If customers remember you, they are more likely to recommend your services to others and keep coming back to you themselves when they’re in need of your services. This builds a sense of customer loyalty and helps you to expand your customer base.
  • Trust
    Provided the services you’re putting out into the world are of a high standard, people will begin to associate your branding with a trustworthy service. When they see your logo, they will know they can rely on your products or services. They will also, again, recommend you to others and come back to you over and over again.

How Can Branding Inform My Marketing Strategy?

Another aspect of your business that is directly affected by your branding is your marketing strategy. The colours, themes, and other visuals you use in your branding will need to be replicated throughout your marketing to ensure that it is recognisable as having come from your company.

In the same vein, the tone of voice and communication style that you use will need to be the same across social media channels, on your website, and in any marketing emails you send out. 

Essentially, your branding will dictate how you communicate with the world and how you exist in online spaces.

Rokir Media – Our Brand Services

Our branding services include a range of aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Colour guides
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Company slogan

Our mission is to always put the clients first and so every aspect of your branding design will be built with you and your company in mind. We want to help you to create a strong identity that makes your brand memorable, recognisable, and trustworthy.

We’ll work with you to understand your business’s mission and values. This will inform the branding work we do with you. Your branding should easily communicate who you are as a company and what your values are. We can help you to do this.

Our branding services run as a one-off project but can be combined with our other marketing services to aid in the growth of your business.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll go through a few steps to set out your project proposal. This will include an initial consultation where we really get to know you. We want this branding to be exactly what you dreamed up when you built your company which means your input is invaluable to our work.

After we’ve discussed the project with you, you’ll be given a full project outline with key dates and a breakdown of costs. This helps you to understand the timescale of this project and how it will play out. As long as everything is correct, we’ll begin working on your branding design from then on.

Branding is an important starting point for your company’s marketing strategy. So you may find you’d like to continue working with us to promote your business to the world. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’d like to continue your relationship with us through other aspects of marketing.

Looking For Professional Branding Services In The UK, Ireland, And The US?

Are you looking for a creative agency to undertake your company’s branding in the UK, Ireland, or the US? We work with clients all over the world to create unique, memorable, and recognisable branding that communicates clearly with its target audience.

Our branding services can help your business in all of these ways and more. Get in contact with our dedicated team to find out more today.

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