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Education is an industry that encompasses many types of business. It could be that you’re an educational institution or that you create educational products for others to use. Whatever your business is, Rokir has the tools and knowledge to create a strategic digital plan that ensures growth and success.

Our full suite of digital services includes SEO, blog and PR, web development, and web hosting and maintenance–all of which can benefit your educational company by improving your credibility, boosting your audience numbers, and increasing conversions.

Digital Limitations Affecting Education Businesses

At Rokir, we’re aware of how different each and every industry is. Each market sector faces different limitations when it comes to a digital strategy, and education is no different. But we’ve made it our mission to get to know the different industries we work with back to front. 

Getting to know the educational industry means that we have seen a whole range of limitations that businesses face daily when trying to implement a digital strategy. Below, we’ve explored these limitations and set out how we could help you overcome them if you were to work with us.

#1 Long Sales Cycle

Education has a long sales cycle. Courses can take upwards of 3 months all the way to multiple years of someone’s life. It isn’t the same as the fashion or eCommerce industry, where new trends come and go, and consumers can buy goods quickly. So, marketing a product can be difficult.

At Rokir, we believe that a long sales cycle doesn’t have to be a limitation, though.

Many industries that we work with have longer sales cycles, like construction businesses, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a content strategy out there to suit these companies. Our content creation services can be employed to create content that keeps your audience engaged, even with a longer sales cycle. This could mean testimonials, success stories, and updates and events to remind people of your product and its benefits.

Our content services work hand in hand with our social media services. By combining the two, you could have a social media platform filled with engaging and valuable content that uses storytelling to keep your audience coming back, even when the sales cycle is longer than they’re used to.

#2 Budgeting Restrictions

We understand that often, a digital strategy isn’t a priority for educational institutions, which can limit the scope of what a business can do. But even a limited budget can produce valuable content, an optimised and engaging website, and a social media strategy that keeps branding consistent.

We offer a range of services that you can take advantage of even if you’ve got a limited budget. You may want to develop your strategy in stages, and if so, we’d recommend beginning with a website overhaul. Your website is your only source of 24-hour marketing, and as such, it needs to be excellent.

Our web development services can help you create a user-friendly site with easy navigation that gives visitors all the information they need to boost conversion rates and improve sales. 

After web development, we can move on to your content ideas, social media strategy and more. We can work around your budget restrictions to ensure that you have an impeccable digital strategy, whatever your budgetary requirements.

#3 Variations in Target Audience

Educational institutions offer a lot of different courses in a wide range of subjects. This means that the target audience for each is going to vary. Variations in the target audience can lead to messy and unfocussed marketing, but they don’t have to.

At Rokir, we’re experts in developing a strategy that can speak to your niches. Our social media strategy services will give you the opportunity to define your target markets, and we’ll develop a strategy that addresses each of them. This could mean different accounts, platform designations, or more personalised engagement with each market sector.

#4 Intangible Product

Just like the long sales cycle in education, trying to sell an intangible product can be challenging. Without having something physical, you miss out on the opportunities for those glossy product photographs and videos.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you cannot create stunning content that draws the audience in and engages them in your services.

Content comes in all formats, including the visual kind and written kind. Our blogging services are an excellent option for education businesses to discuss real issues in the industry and bring in customers and clients from organic searches on these topics.

Additionally, our content creation services don’t just have to be about product photographs. We can develop images and infographics that explore vital issues and add value to your follower’s feeds. We can also incorporate user-generated content in your social media strategy to show the intangible products in action.

Your digital strategy does not need to be hindered by not having something physical to photograph or film. 

#5 Trust and Credibility

If someone is committing to years of their life at your educational institution, then they’re going to want to trust you before they part with their cash. They’re going to want to know that you have credibility and authority to make it worth their while.

For newer institutions, building this credibility will be a crucial part of their digital strategy, and at Rokir, we have just the tools to help you.

A responsively designed website is one of the first steps to ensuring you’re a credible option for your clients. And we can build you that website! The next step is to implement SEO on your site. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the best tools in our digital arsenal because it not only increases the visibility of your website but also boosts your authority on Google.

Our full suite of digital solutions can be easily combined to boost the credibility of your business and ensure that any followers, prospective students, or clients can put their trust in you.

And the proof?

A snapshot of our clients and previous work.

Website Development | Branding

Rae Na Scrine National School

Branding | Website Design

Fiona Gryson

” I am a principal of a small rural school and engaged the services of Rokir Media to help us reach a wider audience via our website. I wanted a clean, fresh layout which was user friendly and an important aspect was also to include a secure link for parents to pay for activities.

From the initial meetings to decide the layout of the website, Jade, James and the team have been a joy to work with. No task is ever too big or too small and our requests for modifications or help are always answered speedily and efficiently. They are always just a phone call or video conference away which is invaluable. We constantly receive compliments on our website!

I would not hesitate to recommend Rokir Media. “

– Eimear O’Donovan, Principal
Reena Screena NS

Work with Rokir

Rokir has worked across a range of industries, building experience and getting to know our clients on a personal level. This means that when we work with you, your success is our success. For the educational industry, we understand the limitations you might be facing, but we’ve got a strategy that can help you out.

Contact us today, and let’s chat about how we can help you boost the success of your educational business with our digital services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my educational business stand out in a competitive landscape?

One of the easiest ways to make sure your educational business stands out is to work out your USP and then market it across your digital platforms, including social media and your website. Create content and develop a brand story that ensures prospective students, clients, and others know why you’re different from others in your sector.

A social media strategy can help you engage with your audience in a number of ways. Providing educational content on your profiles can spark discussion in comments, while regularly posting gives you an opportunity to keep your followers up to date with events and new projects.

Yes, a digital strategy is an excellent way to improve your reputation. With an optimised website, you can create authority for your institution on Google and help draw in interested students and other clients. You can also use marketing tactics, like content creation, to position yourself as an authority by providing educational and valuable content to readers.

All businesses should have a website in the digital age, including your educational business! Think of your website as your only source of 24-hour marketing where prospective clients can go for more information, for answers to questions, and to find out more about why they should choose you.

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Helping you leave the breadcrumbs to make your website and digital assets more searchable.


Laying the foundations and celebrating successful and industry-leading business.


Reliable and scalable hosting solutions to suit business from day 1 to year 50+

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