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The construction industry faces several industry-specific challenges Fwhen it comes to an online strategy. At Rokir, we’re committed to getting ahead of these hurdles and helping you create a dynamic online strategy that enhances your brand awareness, boosts growth, and increases profits.

Below, we’ve taken a look at the key hurdles that construction businesses face when developing a digital strategy, and we’ve included ideas on how we at Rokir would overcome them.

Digital Limitations in the Construction Industry

As with all industries, the construction industry is unique and has a specific set of limitations they face when it comes to digital solutions. Rokir approaches all of our services with a hands-on approach. This means we get to know you, your business, and your industry in-depth when we work with you.

We’re dedicated to overcoming common and industry-specific hurdles when it comes to your digital strategy.

#1 Long Sales Cycles and Customer Engagement

One of the biggest issues that businesses face with construction digital marketing is the fact that the industry endures a long sales cycle. This can impact customer engagement, particularly in fast-paced digital environments like social media.

Rokir offers a targeted social media service, and we would overcome these engagement issues by creating unique and valuable content that engages followers, even when progress on construction projects is slow.

This content might include educational content, progress pictures, or even key business messaging to keep people engaged with your work, even if it takes a while to finish! We’re in it for the long game, just like you.

#2 Limited Search Volume

Construction is one of those industries where if you’re not on the inside, you tend not to have an in-depth understanding of it, and this can affect things like search volumes for specific keywords. This means that anyone trying to employ SEO on a construction website might face difficulties in identifying and monitoring keyword rankings.

For Rokir, this would mean taking a collaborative approach. Our SEO services mean that we can target keywords, even those with a small search volume, on your website and your social media, but we can also create engaging creative content, like photographs and videos, to enhance the shareability of your work.

This would help to get your name out there without having to worry too much about low search volumes in your sector.

We can also use paid social media ads to boost lead generation and audience engagement when organic campaigns fall behind.

#3 Lack of Tangible Products

Along with the long sales cycle, construction lacks tangible products that can be photographed and uploaded daily to socials. Unlike faster retail environments, you don’t have the option of churning out thousands of unique product images a year.

However, what you can do is take advantage of when you do have product imagery,  really engage with user-generated content of your projects, and even show progression pictures to keep followers up to date with your progress.

For those working in construction services, it’s important to remember that imagery isn’t the only way to engage with social media followers. You can create funny reels, educational graphics, and more that help users get to know your brand and feel connected to the work you do.

At Rokir, we can help to develop a website that showcases those few precious product images you do have as well as create a social media strategy that uses more than just product imagery to increase your customer base.

#4 Competitive Industry

The construction industry is a competitive landscape, so how do you stand out?

At Rokir, we believe that it comes down to the branding and the way you sell yourself as a business that makes you unique. Are you a sustainable construction company? Upsell this USP. Do you work on futuristic projects that are photographed by people all over the world? Get that user-generated content on your pages!

Rokir will work with your brand to find the things that make you unique and ensure it is upsold across your website, social media marketing, and other online presences.

And the proof?

A snapshot of our clients and previous work.

Website Development 

Bosch Thomas Construction

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Horizon Windows and Doors

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Work with ROKIR

Rokir offers a full suite of digital solutions to enhance the online presence of your construction company and overcome the common hurdles faced when trying to do marketing for a construction company.

Contact us now to find out how we would approach construction marketing for you and learn more about the digital solutions we can offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a marketing plan for a construction business?

Creating a marketing strategy for a construction company involves having a clear set of business objectives and creating a dynamic strategy that aligns with them. It should include specific and measurable goals, smaller steps to reach these goals, and ways of monitoring your progress.

SEO is an excellent marketing tool for construction businesses. It works to boost your online visibility and draw in users who are actively looking for construction-related products and services. Using local SEO can further help by attracting local clientele to your services. Lastly, SEO can give you a competitive advantage over others by boosting your Google Search ranking.

Google Ads play an important role in marketing in the construction industry. They can help to increase the visibility of your brand, improve your sales and generate more leads by reaching a broader audience.

Promoting your construction company will involve using a planned social media strategy that markets your work alongside backend marketing techniques, like website development and maintenance, and the implementation of SEO.

Construction businesses can use content-driven marketing to create informative and educational content and showcase their portfolio of projects. Content helps to differentiate you from the competition by showing what sets you apart from them and establishing your unique brand.

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Helping you leave the breadcrumbs to make your website and digital assets more searchable.


Laying the foundations and celebrating successful and industry-leading business.


Reliable and scalable hosting solutions to suit business from day 1 to year 50+

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