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Partnering with government bodies, councils and sub-contractors to boost public engagement, and improve accessibility of local and national services.

Government and Council businesses vary in their goods and service output and may be government-owned or contracted to the government. This can sometimes make digital strategies challenging to implement. Working with Rokir can provide a seamless implementation of various digital strategies to boost engagement, public trust, and communication with your audience.

As a digital agency, we offer many services, including content services, social media strategies, and web development and hosting, all of which can benefit government-owned or government-contracted businesses with their digital presence.

Digital Limitations Affecting Government Businesses, Contractors, and Vendors

Due to the variations in what government-owned businesses and government contractors may be working on, it is in no way a surprise that digital strategies often get mixed up or neglected. At Rokir, we’re committed to thoroughly understanding all of the industries we serve so we know exactly what challenges and digital limitations they face.

For government businesses, there are a few common hurdles that you must overcome to build an effective digital strategy and reach your goals. We’ve detailed them below, along with the ways we would help you to overcome them if you were to work with us.

#1 Regulatory Compliance

The nature of government businesses means that regulatory compliance is always a challenge. For government businesses, there tend to be strict regulations on communication and promotion, as well as the way that these businesses may engage in digital activities.

At Rokir, we’re well aware of these regulations and how they may impact our work, but we don’t see them as a barrier. Instead, we get to know each rule and find ways to work with them and promote your business in a way that is compliant yet still engaging.

#2 Public Perception and Trust

Government businesses will always struggle with public perception because public trust is so vital to all they do. Missteps in digital marketing can have significant repercussions, particularly if public taxpayer money is being used to fund the campaigns.

At Rokir, our content services and social media strategising services are conducted with the greatest care and due diligence. You will sign off on all of the work we produce to ensure that the messaging is correct and will not harm the public perception of your business.

#3 Varied Target Audience

A varied target audience is a challenge that we face in many of the industries we serve, so we’re well-versed in the best ways to tackle it. Whether you’re looking to build a new website for your government business or you want to boost your social media following, we understand how to target a range of audiences within one digital strategy.

Whether this means dynamic web development, a social media strategy that targets different niches within your target audience, or blog and PR output that serves different elements of the audience, Rokir has the expertise to help.

#4 Social and Political Sensitivities

Another common challenge for government bodies and contractors is social and political sensitivities. Due to the landscape of politics, it can be more challenging to engage in certain digital activities due to the influences of political opinion. 

At Rokir, we help you strike a balance between promoting your services and still avoiding controversy. We understand this can sometimes be a mammoth task, but our commitment is to you and ensuring that everything we do for you aligns with your goals and business objectives.

#5 Digital Literacy Gaps

Another area where you may struggle with your digital strategy is digital literacy gaps. Due to the broad audience you often engage with as a government business, ensuring that messages are accessible to all parts of your audience can be tricky.

As a digital agency, we’ve experienced digital literacy gaps with a number of clients already, so we can implement strategies like user-friendly platform usage, audience segmentation, multichannel approaches, and simplified communication strategies to ensure we reach all parts of your audience.

And the proof?

A snapshot of our clients and previous work.

Website development | Copywriting

Goshencom Healthcare Services

Website development | Branding

Grosvenor Services

” Well let me say I am happy for the job done and that the Introduction of the website, its purpose and your overall opinion on the effectiveness of it providing its purpose, it’s focus of the field of business is excellent and we got people from Africa applying for jobs and also part of Asia, content is everything on the website, and the web site for its overall effectiveness. “

– Olatunde, Managing Director
Goshencom Healthcare Services Limited

National Sub-contracted Service Provider

Working with ROKIR

At Rokir, we have worked across a number of industries and met challenges head-on to come up with digital strategies that work for each of our unique clients. We understand the delicacy with which government digital strategies need to be approached, so we can support you however you need.

Contact us today, and let’s chat about how we can support your digital approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my government business need a digital strategy?

Like all businesses today, a digital strategy is essential for government businesses for public engagement, consistent messaging and achieving organisational goals. Digital strategies include social media marketing, website development, blogging and PR, and content creation.

A successful digital strategy is often made up of many elements. For government contractors, components include developing a solid online presence, developing user-friendly sites and apps, optimising sites for mobile devices, and using emerging technologies.

Digital communication is a highly effective way for government businesses and contractors to remain in constant communication with the public. It provides a space for consistent messaging, transparent communication, and even feedback from the public.

The short answer is Yes – all government and local authority websites should be easy to use and accessible for those who have disabilities. 

Disability Rights UK have highlighted that 90% of top local authority websites not accessible. After carrying out accessibility tests on council websites, the charity revealed that 9 out of 10 of England’s biggest councils are failing to meet website regulations.

This is a huge problem for the public sector that needs to be addressed, and Rokir is dedicated to help make that happen.

If you find your local authority website has accessibility issues including confusing layouts, problems enlarging text, poor colour contrasts, difficulties with screen reader accessibility and using keyboard navigation, then get in touch!

So how can we help?


Creating digital strategies that help you make an impact and drive your outreach locally and nationally.


Transforming businesses through user focused website design and development.


Capturing the magic in your business and helping you to create content that converts.


Helping you leave the breadcrumbs to make your website and digital assets more searchable.


Laying the foundations and celebrating successful and industry-leading business.


Reliable and scalable hosting solutions to suit local councils and governing bodies from day 1 to year 50+

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