8 Ways To Promote Your Business On Facebook And Instagram

Your business needs are dynamic and complex, but sharing your products and services with the world doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re ready to tell the world about a new product, attracting new customers with a big promotion, adjusting your hours, hosting an event or something else entirely, social media marketing and advertising can help you get your messaging in front of the right people. The options are endless for why you want to promote your company, but we have some tried and true methods for how you go about it — many of which you can do for free!

Here’s our 8 ways to promote your business on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Up your discoverability with hashtags

When you create a post or story on Instagram, don’t forget to tap into Instagram’s hashtag culture. When you add hashtags in the caption of your post or in your story, the hashtag creates a clickable link where people can explore all of the related content for that hashtag. This helps people discover new things — like your business — when they explore hashtags that interest them.

For example, thousands of small businesses are sharing their stories and reaching people around the world by posting with hashtags such as #DeserveToBeFound or #supportlocal. Get started with advertising your business by joining the conversation and letting people discover your great ideas and services!

You can even “hide” your story hashtags so they’re not visible to your followers, but can still be read by the Instagram algorithm. Not sure how? Check out our Instagram page (@rokirmedia) for helpful tips and tricks!

2. Reach the right people with personalised ads

Every business starts with an idea, and those ideas deserve every chance at success. Personalised ads can help you reach people who have shown interest in your products online or find new audiences similar to your best customers. Since personalised ads reach the people who are most likely to be interested in what you offer, they help you make the most of your budget as you work to get new products and services off the ground.

Advertising on Facebook or Instagram doesn’t have to be expensive. Millions of advertisers use Facebook’s personalised ad tools, the majority of whom are small and medium-sized businesses, just like yours.

3. Share important business information through your Facebook Page

By setting up and using a business page, you’ll have access to numerous ways that you can build lasting connections with customers. Setting up a page is a free and easy way for you to do things like: share information about your business, show your hours, add photos and videos, and invite customers to contact you directly. Once you’ve set up your Page, you’ll be able to get started with some of the other promotion options listed below, like posts, live video and stories.

4. Start conversations with posts

Once you’ve got your Page set up on Facebook and created an account for your business on Instagram, you’ll be ready to start posting. Posts are a great way for you to give updates, like new product launches or promotions, and stay top of mind. Posts show up on your Page or Instagram profile and can show up on your followers’ News Feed. 

When creating a post, think about including images or videos so your posts will stand out, and don’t forget to add relevant hashtags so new people can discover your content.

5. Advertising your products and services in Live Videos

You can go live using just your phone or on your desktop computer (if it has a camera). You can experiment with different types of live videos, like hosting events and conversations, showcasing your products or taking people behind the scenes of your business, to find out what works for you. 

Once you have an idea for a live video, promote the live video by creating an event on Facebook so people know what it’s about and when to tune in, and create posts about the live video in advance to get your audience excited.

6. Express yourself with Stories

Businesses are using Stories as a tool to express their brand creativity, inspire interest and encourage customers to take action. With Stories, you can do things like: share a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on day-to-day at your business, spotlight employees or highlight special promotions. You can create organic stories for free or create Stories Ads to help your business reach your goals faster.

7. Build community through Facebook Groups

Not only can you create or join Facebook Groups from your personal account, you can do so from your business page too. Creating a group from your page lets you do things like: connect with customers and supporters in a more private forum and have authentic conversations around a common interest related to your business. 

Providing this space can offer your community an even deeper connection to your business. You may even gain valuable insight into what they want out of your business.

You can also join an existing group to offer your expertise or connect over shared interests. This is a great idea when you’re starting out, or are not ready to create your own. 

8. Inspire your audience with Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels give businesses like yours another way to express themselves through short, entertaining video content. 

Videos can be 15 to 30-second videos that can include audio, effects and other creative tools. Instagram Reels can be shared in Feed, and reels from public accounts are eligible to be discovered through a new space on the Reels tab. Experiment with different storylines and upload original content like tutorials and product education to inspire your audience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for more creative ideas and best practices, we’re always on hand to help you market your business. Learn how to create content that looks and feels like your brand, and start promoting today!

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